ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper March 20, 2017

Around 33.8 Million Records Of The USA Companies Leaked

The database of USA companies is breached which is 52 GB in size. Around 33.8 million unique email addresses which belonged to Dun & Bradstreet. The company is a giant provider of business service and admitted that the database was acquired as a part of the NetProspex deal done in 2015 year. The database was put on Troy Hunt’s website – a person who is the owner of Have I been Pawned and you can search the database for your email address. The database contains personal information like names, job titles, functions, work email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Overall, 65.3M Passwords Were Found Weak In LinkedIn Breach

Last year, LinkedIn suffered a massive data breach. The researchers at Preempt – a behavioral firewall company disclosed that there were 35% passwords used from previous password dictionaries. The other 65% of passwords were found easily be cracked with brute force attacks. The research company discovered that 63.5 million used passwords were breached in LinkedIn data breach incident. There were low complexity passwords, which were cracked within a single day while medium level and high-level passwords took less than a week and less than a month’s time.

Vulnerability In Twitter Counter App Caused High Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked

There were thousands of Twitter accounts that were compromised including media outlets, celebrities like the European Parliament, Forbes, UNICEF, Nike Spin, and other individuals and organizations. Twitter accounts received a disturbing message in the Turkish language and changed profile pictures of many accounts with the Turkish flag and Ottoman Empire coat of arms. The so-called Twitter message was due to vulnerability in Twitter Counter third-party app. This app is an analytical service app that helps to track users’ states and offers widgets and buttons.

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DDoS Attack Targeted The USA, The UK and The Netherlands Largely

According to Imperva Q4 2016 report, DDoS attack is spreading its hands across the globe and the top countries like UK, USA and the Netherlands are top attacked countries. IoT bots and cheap DDoS for hire services are becoming helpful in creating DDoS havoc across the organizations. The size of the Network layer attack was attained to its record high. The application layer attack attained a high of 889 attacks in a single week. Imperva lessened 11,727 application-layer attacks. Moreover, the major Application layer attack reached to 91,209 RPS (requests per second) and the longest DDoS attack continued for 47 days.

Association Of British Travel Agents Website Hacked

The website of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has been attacked that affected around 43,000 individuals. The attackers gained access to 1000 files that contain personal identifying information of customers, the information included email addresses and passwords. The company is monitoring the situation and assured that any information is not being shared beyond the attacker. The data carried a low exposure risk to identity theft and ABTA has warned its members and customers who could be affected. ABTA has advised customers and members to change the password as well as monitor social media, bank account.


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