ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper November 28, 2016

Kaspersky is bringing own Operating System Soon

Kaspersky – a leading online security vendor is in mood to bring its own OS after investing 14 years in OS development. The new OS will allow users customization features and based on a microkernel architecture. Moreover, there will be no GUI base OS and is not made on Linux. The OS has the ability to control application behavior and the OS module. The company believed that the OS is hack-proof, as the hacker has to breach the digital signature of a user that is possible only with a quantum computer.

Oracle acquired DNS provider “Dyn” company

Oracle has just acquired DNS provider “Dyn” Company. The company is involved in a cloud-based internet service provider and domain name system provider. The company already witnessed cyber hacking that made the entire internet offline for a few hours. This acquisition will help Oracle cloud customers to optimize their internal infrastructure. Customers of Oracle will have improved access and page load speed for their websites.

The US Navy faced data breach contained details of 134000 Sailors

The US Navy hacked and the details of more than 134,000 sailors were illegally retrieved. The Navy is now notifying victims by mail, ptters. The attack was done with a laptop used by an employee who is part of the Enterprise Service agreement. HP warned about the attack on October 27 and after Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigation done on Nov. 22, 2016, they found that attackers were successful in gaining data related to names, social security numbers of current and former sailors. Still, it is not clear about the usage of that stolen information.

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European Commission Server was affected by DDoS attack

The European server commission was offline after suffering from large scale of DDoS attack. However, there was no data breach and service interruption. One of the employees claimed that he was not able to access the internet for few hours so it is still unclear that whether the security specialist has disconnected the internet to avoid further damage or attackers did so. The motto of attackers is still unidentified but the EU’s cyber emergency response team (CERT-EU) is investigation the case.

Michigan State University suffered from Data Breach

Michigan State University has also witnessed a data breach, which contained 400,000 data of students and employees. An unauthorized person has accessed the server of the organization and extorted the organization after gaining the database. The details included names, social security numbers, MSU identification number of students and employees. Attackers have not accessed passwords or financial information. The MSU Police Department is examining the case jointly with the federal law enforcement authorities.

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