Types Of Internet Security Threats And Its Prevention

Trojan Horses:

Trojan horses are similar to the normal programs but are slightly different in a way as they contain additional malicious and viral functions or piece of codes. These are installed with an intention of theft of the information, gaining control over the system and sometimes impersonating the login screens to get the entire user IDs and the passwords. Sources of the Trojans generally are e-mail attachments and back doors.


  • Strict security measures should be taken to avoid any kind of installation of the malware or Trojans. Thorough testing should be a compulsion before a product goes on the platform.
  • Programs used should be tested thoroughly.
  • Sensitive data should be protected through encryption and also the employees and other staff members should be educated regarding the avoidance of the Trojan horses in organization.
  • Customers should be warned about the common risks (like in opening an email from untrusted source, downloading, or purchasing a software product from unauthorized vendors.)

These were some of the threats that have caused a lot catastrophe to a number of businesses as well as to the customers/users. As internet is advancing day by day so are the threats.

A little care and precaution can definitely help you to secure the integrity as well as the accessibility of your business. This will not only help you secure your business, but also will increase the trust of the visitors.


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