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Thawte EV SSL is very popular in small, medium and large businesses who are looking for extended validation in limited budget. There are many certificate authorities offering EV SSL, but the Thawte offers cheapest price EV SSL certificate with strongest encryption and supports internationalized domain name. When we come to the Trust point; Thawte EV SSL (Green Bar) will do the best job by providing Green Bar in Browser along with company name and FREE site seal.

lowest price
Year ClickSSL Price /yr. Price Save
2 $148.00 $259.50 42.97%
1 $169.00 $299.00 43.48%
3-10 Days
Single domain
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Free Reissues
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Go with Green & Get Authority Power

Thawte Web Server EV SSL Certificate which is also known as Green Bar SSL is the best products for Finance, Banking, Corporations and Government entities. It can fulfill your requirement of highest industry standards for identity authentication with strong encryption. Web server EV SSL by Thawte offers different level of encryption depending upon your client’s browser capability and cipher suite installed on your web server.

Why to Choose EV SSL by Thawte?
  • Strong Encryption: Thawte EV SSL will encrypt your information with up to 256-bit encryption over HTTPS protocol.
  • Lowest Price: Thawte EV SSL price is very competitive and can save additional money when you buy from. We offer cheap price and best support!
  • Extended Validation + Green Bar: This web server EV SSL will not only provide strong encryption but also require extended validation of your business. Once it is installed on your web server, your website will have green bar in browser.
  • Green Bar means Trust: Customer can easily check that Thawte has verified the identity of your website (a trusted SSL certificate authority in the world).
  • Trust means more business: It is proven fact that the customer prefer trusted website for online transaction. Trust means improved ROI !
  • ClickSSL Support: Facing problem during EV SSL certificate installation? Our 24 x 7 technical support will be always there when you are in need of Help !
  • Warranty: When you buy this Thawte EV SSL, you are also eligible for 1500K USD warranty by Thawte CA.
  • Return: ClickSSL offers 30 Day 100% money back guarantee.