All SSL Certificates Are Not Equal

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) enables your website secure from online frauds and malware and protect your online transactions between a user’s browser and web hosting servers. Organizations have different choice for selecting the best made SSL security for their business. There are different types of SSL certificate, like domain validation, business validation, and extended validation. Today, online frauds have been increased so much that every organization wants to secure their online business from online frauds. Generally, Organizations insist for the greatest security for their business.

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As we know all certificates are not the same, each one has its own protection ability and authentication process. An EV SSL is most reliable certificate better than other certificates and provides maximum security for eCommerce businesses. There is no doubt about its highest encryption and it also offers great assurance to your customers. Let’s we are focusing on some greatest features that helps to choose the right security. Here, some features and benefits are presented on which all the SSL certificates are defined, serving to select the best of them for your business.

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It is noted the certificate with a high authentication could be the best security choice for organizations.

  • Domain Validation: It carries a minimum authentication and can be issued in a minute. It needs no paperwork. It carries a domain validation; therefore, the user does not need any documents to secure their website.
  • Business Validation: It is a next level to domain validation; and it is necessary to submit business documents to certificate authority (CA). After verifying all documents, CA will issue a certificate to the organization.
  • Extended Validation: Extended Validation certificate proves to be the best certificate in SSL line up. It provides a full business authentication with a deep verification of business proof. It also offers a green bar that is enough to show your customers about your site’s legitimacy.


When users buy a certificate, he will think about the reliability of a certificate. Of course, SSL stands on the wall of trust.

  • Domain validation: As far as concerned with dependability, people will trust on domain validation certificate, because it carries latest security standards with 256-bit encryption.
  • Business Validation: Business validation can offer reliance with its business validation feature. Organization validation Certificate carries more traffic to your site by showing that your business identity is proved.
  • Extended Validation: If we go for the EV certificate, it provides business validation with its extended validation feature. The user can check the business details, CA details, on the certificate with a mouse click. If we count on the base of trust, EV stands first all of them. EV has a Phishing protection feature on which most people rely.


The next second feature is a strong protection. SSL is known for its cryptography, so, the outsider will not make any interference in your online transactions.

  • Domain Validation: Domain Validation carries enough protection compared with other category certificates. It is a primary level certificate which has a 2048-bit CSR encryption.
  • Business Validation: Most business validation certificate goes with a robust security that matches with industry security standards. A user with an old browser can get full protection for an online site. Because a certificate is enabled with SGC feature.
  • Extended Validation: EV certificate can secure your confidential information with the strongest encryption. In that case if a user is working with an old browser, EV certificate can offer full protection for the user’s website with its SGC technology. Though, EV has a feature of protecting against Phishing & Pharming.


As, we know that organizations always want SSL security according to their business type and need. Besides, the main categories, which we discussed, will help you to make a decision for your online business security. Through above conversation, one is sure that EV is the best choice that stands high on the base of Authentication, Trust, and protection.


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