EV SSL Certificates – Everything You Should Know About

SSL (secure socket layer) is the best technology to offer security to E-commerce business. It secures the information that inflow in the tunnel between web browser and the server. When a visitor sees a trusted green bar and a padlock in the address bar, he gets sure about online transaction. Today, there are many trustworthy authorities provide SSL certificates. Certificates are available as per individual business need with diverse cost. Here we will go through about EV certificate, which seems the most powerful and demanded certificate in online business industry.

It creates an online brand image of the company and restores customer’s confidence. Today Phishing fraud is increasing rapidly. Therefore, many organizations accepted the importance of an EV certificate in order to retain their existing customer portfolio. SSL industry is exploring new techniques to boost the security of EV SSL certificate.


EV certificate came into force in 2007, and it carries a tough procedure than other certificates. In April 2008, CA/Browser Forum announced its version 1.1 with proper guidelines on the base of experience of relying party and members of the CA. An Extended Validation Certificate (EV) is an X.509 public-key certificate. CA Forum is made of internet software vendors and representatives from the legal and audit professionals.

Points of interest:

EV certificate is shown in the address bar of the website. Therefore, a user can easily identify it and can put trust in it. There exist many Phishing swindles prevailing in the market to snatch the identity of a website. EV certificate helps business in identifying fraud website and keeps free from Phishing swindles. When a user click on the green bar, it shows issued authority, valid date, and organization name, certificate name.


  • EV provides up to 256-bit encryption and multiple year option.
  • EV certificate is compatible with almost 99% browsers.
  • It is compatible with mobile device browsers.
  • Many authorities provide refund money policy.
  • It offers guarantee starting from $1, 00,000.
  • It comes with multiple reassurances until its expiry.

Background Process:

  • To obtain the EV certificate, the Company has to submit necessary documents before certificate authority.
  • It includes Domain-related documents, Employments-related documents, and legal and operational identity related documents.
  • CA also verifies addresses and phone number of organization additionally, searches your company in blacklist and validates it.
  • It took one week after the issuance procedure of EV certificate.

Only specified certificate authorities (CA) can issue an EV certificate at present there are VeriSign, RapidSSL, Thawte and GeoTrust hold leadership in the SSL certificate. EV SSL Authentication Requirements

EV SSL Importance:

EV SSL prevents Phishing, Trojans, and spyware and absolves customer from cheating. EV offers a transparent solution between visitor and site owner. EV SSL is appropriate for most of the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, and IE, etc. It assures that the user is corresponding to a legitimate site not a fraud site. A low security SSL or domain validation certificate only authenticates domains and not the owner while, EV certificate authenticates both company’s identity and domain, therefore, outsiders will not take disadvantage of security.

The EV certificate provides three security services of confidentiality, authentication, and integrity. However, there is no address bar will turn green if the site does not have an EV SSL certificate. EV reduces the dropout rate of visitors, increase conversion, stiffer revenue per transaction and higher lifetime customer value. It ensures that users will not suffer any kind of interruption during an online transaction. It uses chain certificate and secures unlimited servers with a single certificate.


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