Are You Aware Against Ongoing Malware Threats?

“Malware” or “Malicious Software” is software, designed intentionally by hackers or someone with disguised intentions. It is particularly designed for infecting, corrupting and contaminating the computer systems. Hackers can now develop malware very quickly and easily using packaged software also known as Command and Control (C&C) toolkit.

  • Did you know that on an average a malware could cause a loss of $1000 per customer?
  • Do you know that your website will be blacklisted due to the infection of malware?
  • Are you absolutely sure about the security of your website from malware?

If yes, then think again.

Malware indulges viruses, Trojan horses, ransomware, rootkits, worms, spyware and adware. If you do not take proper measures to fix the infection then you are distributing the infection to each and every visitor, and hence losing your reputation.

Why your website becomes malware infected?

  • Pitfalls in coding: – Situations like use of open error handler, leaving the database connection unclosed causes threat for malware.
  • Absence of proper security systems: – If you are not using any anti- malware product or your product is not updated then there are chances of eavesdropping of information from your website.
  • Using malware infected PCs/systems/devices:-If your system is already malware corrupted, then there are chances that your website might also get infected.
  • Vulnerability ratio almost same:-Websites dealing with very high or very low traffic are more vulnerable to malware attack.
  • Emails:-E-mails are also the carrier of malware infection. As per survey conducted by Symantec TM, any large organizations receiving bulk E-mails everyday are likely to get infected (almost 40%) by malware.

Recently researchers have found that countries like the US, China and India are the main sources of such malicious activities. The US leads among the other two countries by being a huge source of malicious activities.

Also research shows that blogs and web communications sites are highly endangered (19.8%) by infection, whereas entertainment & music websites are less likely (3.8%) to get infected.

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