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Today, you cannot turn on the TV, take newspapers, browsing your much loved news sites, or browse over the magazine without learning about the latest safety threats disrupt online business and clients. The disclosure last month of a most credit card companies, that more than 40 million cards can prove that the leading financial institutions themselves are not protected from the risk of threat would have endangered. Obviously, it is more important than ever to secure your web shop window, to keep the personal data of your consumers and ultimately protect your profits! As the owner of online store, one of the simplest and most responsible to do what you can to ensure the data submitted via your website, the Secure Socket Layer or SSL is implemented.

Secure your Online Store with SSL Certificate

When you are purchase anything online, security has been big question, where involving money. For website security is an important question for online transactions, as consumers, will always try to give full security assurance before online purchasing or payment for products or services on the Internet. Therefore, you must make sure that you are in the “safe hand” and right in front of your transaction only if it expends an SSL Certificate.

SSL, in order to save

SSL protocol permits client/server requests developed in a way to communicate to prevent snooping, tampering and forgery. SSL secures network access, internet communication and digital connections through the secure control between the server and the user. With SSL Certificate, the information from your online store (e.g. via web forms) will be transmitted ahead of it is send encrypted over the Internet.

When you fix to secure Web server as to the server to the web browser authenticates by presenting a “digital certificate”. A digital certificate is an electronic folder exclusively recognizes persons and servers. Digital Certificates allow the customer (i.e. web browser) to validate the server before the encrypted SSL session. Usually, digital certificate desires reviewed and approved by a self-governing third-party and trusted to make sure its validity. The Certificate Authority displays on SSL Certificate as “digital sign”. Well-known Certificate authorities like DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL. Digital Signed Certificate increases the consumer assurance, they experience that site is secure and it is on the right hand.

Increase the customer’s confidence

SSL certificates can provide you with non-forgeable proof of your website’s identity, and customer confidence in the integrity and security of your online business. Purchase SSL Certificate with strong 256-bit encryption to secure your web sites, eCommerce, exchange, intranets and extranets.

Without SSL Certificate, the web site information is transmitted in a “plain text”. It is basically an open invite to hackers, script kiddies and do other harm to the public use “packet sniffing” software, to collect information during transmission.

Customers are gradually most worried about the benefits of SSL security and will not purchase from online store, which have not implemented Digital SSL Certificates. All the major Internet retailers now use SSL security to give confidence your customers to online deals.

Unfortunately, all reliable e-commerce online store owners, the best opportunity to secure your website (e.g. checkout securely via http://) by a Digital SSL Certificate.

Wildcard SSL supply the same powerful 256-bit encryption that secures unlimited sub domains (so * be protected). This is ideal for multi-language online store or multi-currency into several sub-areas. Moreover, the Wildcard SSL gives complete overview of your identity, and the added confidence of visitors.

EV SSL, Extended Validation Certificate is the advance technology, which triggers the green address bar in the most web browser on a secure website gives additional level of consumer confidence. EV SSL Certificate includes a dynamic seal that shows the company name, address and date of expiration. If trust is the vital for your site, the EV SSL is the best choice for your e-commerce business.


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