ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper December 19, 2016

Russian Hacker breached American US Election Assistance Commission (EAC)

Recorded Future – a security company revealed that a Russian hacker has breached the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC) that was used in Election of America. However, the hacker was speaking Russian language and on that base, the security company believed that the hacker was from Russia. The hacker breached the EAC system and gained credentials including administrative exclusive right. The company assumed that the stolen credentials could be used to access sensitive information.

Yahoo revealed about hacking of 1 billion accounts

Yahoo confirmed that there was more than 1 billion accounts were hacked in 2013 hacking incident. After investigation report, Yahoo confirmed that third party managed to access approx. 1 billion account including email address, phone numbers, date of birth, hashed passwords. Yahoo said that the card and bank account information was stored on another system so they were remained secure. Yahoo believed that the same hackers who breached 500 million accounts were behind the hacking of 1 billion accounts.

A Severe hike in Phishing emails in November 2016, Symantec report says

Symantec is present with its November 2016 Intelligence report; there is a hike in phishing email and decrease in new malware variants. The email phishing rate increased to one in 85 emails, which was one in 158 emails in last month. The new malware variant was dropped to 71.2 million from 96.1 million. The disk-wiping malware Shamoon has come with new variant (W32.Disttrack.B). The Mirai botnet was also remained on top of the chart in this month.

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KFC restaurant has been hacked

Fast food restaurant KFC is the latest victim of the breach and it is believed that hackers have gained access of limited number of accounts. Personal information was not affected with this breach. The company requested users to reset the passwords. There were only 30 accounts out of 1.2 million accounts were targeted. KFC has sent a warning email to every member about password reset. KFC firm stated that they are tightening the security with adding extra security measures.

Most of WordPress Plugins are still vulnerable, says Report

RIPS Technologies has analyzed 44705 WordPress plugins and discovered that more than 8800 plugins have security flaws. The team concluded that around 14,000 have 2 to 5 files and out of them 10,000 plugins have more than 500 lines of codes and so the research team classified them as large plugins. Out of these plugins, there were 43% plugins have single medium security issue. Researchers have discovered total 67486 vulnerabilities.

Hacker hacked website of The Russian Embassy of Armenia

The black hat hacker Cryptolulz has hacked Russian embassy of Armenia website to aware authorities about security. Hacker exploited SQL vulnerability in website and gained access to website database. The hacker also contacted admin of the website earlier but there was no response at all. The embassy contained 36 tablets but he only breached the one that has credentials. Data was published on PasteBin website that included name, ID, type, email, passwords, last visited IP address.


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