ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper January 2, 2017

The Turkish Chamber of Commerce has been hacked

Two separate hacker’s group have breached The Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the website has been taken down for further investigation. The team is trying to patch vulnerability and recovering after this hacking. Kurdish hacktivist group Mezopotamia Hackers have posted the message on the main page but it is not yet clear that hackers have stolen any credentials. Kapustkiy hackers had also done separate attack on the chamber of commerce; they stole personal information of hundreds of people including name, address, and phone numbers.

The Community Health Plan of Washington confirmed about breach

The community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) confirmed that hackers have accessed the server and stolen personal details of members. CHPW informed to the Washington State Health Care Authority and the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner about the hacking incident. The breached server contained name, address, birthdate, SSN, coding information of each member. The organization is offering free credit and monitoring service for 12 months, the users are being sent notification by the organization.

Tumblr faced DDoS attack

Tumblr service was taken down due to large DDoS attack. Many users experienced slowing down and latency issue. Tumblr has not indicated about the type of attack on its twitter page. Tumblr restored service and back its operation usual self. Hacking group, R.I.U. Star Patrol has admitted that the hacking attempt was only for fun, not to steal any information. Twitter already removed all tweets when it restored the service.

Cyanogen OS for Android will be shut down

A popular custom Android ROM Cyanogen OS has decided to shut down its operation due to some legal and technical issues. Cyanogen entered in mobile market with a view to make better version of android OS. However, the company said that the open source project and source code would be available for personal use. From January 2017, no updates of Cyanogen will be delivered. Smartphones like OnePlus One and Lenovo ZUK Z1 have to switch to open source version of the CyanogenMod operating system.

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NIST is thinking over Quantum proof Encryption

Quantum computer is becoming a concern for NIST and therefore, the authority has called cryptographers and private sectors to help in deciding new encryption standards. The encryption standards should be sophisticated and withstand quantum computer’s cracking efforts. The NIST will accept submission until 30 November 2017. After the submission, NIST will review the proposal and invite the candidate to present quantum proof public key cryptographic algorithm in early 2018 year.

Google released preview of Android Things

Google has announced a preview of Android Things – an OS for smart device and IoT products. The new OS is to build to make a smart appliance and it will be running on security cameras, connected speakers and routers. Android Things is a new version of “Google Brillo” which was introduced in 2015. Google will soon add Google’s IoT communication protocol that helps device to connect to Google cloud service for communication with other gadgets.

ICS attacks are on high scale, IBM says

IBM Managed security has brought a survey about the number of ICS (Industrial control systems) attacks done in 2016 year. The number of attacks increased by 110% in current year compare to last year. The increase in ICS attack is linked to brute force attacks done on supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Attackers used “Smod”- a penetration testing system in large number of attacks that is useful in brute-force attacks.

The Standard Hong Kong Newspaper suffered data breach

Hackers have breached “The Standard Hong Kong newspaper” website and gained access of database of the website and upload to PasteBin. The hackers have posted few numbers (12000) of database. The motto of attackers was to spread awareness about cyber security. The stolen data was sensitive and should not be publicized for privacy reason. The stolen details due to legal terms were not dumped.


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