ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper February 13, 2017

Social Media Phishing Increased 500% In 2016 Year

According to Proofpoint report, social media attacks have mounted 500% in 2016 year. Angler phishing was dominating in social media threat, which can catch customer support channel on social media and steal credentials. There has been increase in fake social media accounts and have doubled from in the fourth quarter. These fake accounts can be used for social spam, phishing and malware distribution. In addition, there has been 20% hike in spam content across Facebook and Twitter in every quarter.

Around 140 Banks And Enterprises Have Been Affected With Invisible Malware

According to Kaspersky report, around 140 banks and enterprises have been affected with invisible malware. The security firm believed that the number can be increased and is approximate figure. Such type of malware was spotted on Kaspersky network earlier dubbed as Duqu 2.0 and was undetected for six months. This malware used legitimate system admin and security tools like PowerShell, Metasploit, and Mimikatz to inject malware in system. Organizations from 40 different countries have been affected with this malware.

Australian Parliament Website Hacked, Blamed Turkish Islamist Hacker Group

Australian Parliament website was taken down for 20 minutes due to DDoS attack. The authority blamed the Turkish Islamist hacker group. The Aslan Neferler Tim (ANT) group, also known as the Lion Soldiers Team, claimed the attack. The hacking was made to protest against racism against Muslims. The Austrian central bank and the Austrian airport, as well as the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party were also targeted in this DDoS attack. The official source during investigation confirmed that no data was stolen.

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Thousands of WordPress Websites Hacked Due To Unpatched Vulnerability

According to Sucuri firm report, thousands of WordPress websites have been hacked due to unpatched vulnerability found last week. The admin did not updated patch to WordPress hence, hackers were enabled to remote unauthorized access to edit or delete WordPress pages. The company assured that they are mass scanning and tracking four different hacking groups and exploit efforts across the internet. The company has defaced hacker group who has compromised 66,000 pages.

VIZIO – A TV Maker fined $2.2 Million For Spying Its Customers

Vizio TV maker has been fined $2.2 million fine for spying on 11 million customers without their consent. The US Federal Trade Commission announced that the TV maker has almost spied on every customer via its smart interactivity feature. However, the company has agreed to pay fine to settle down lawsuit. The company now has to delete the collected data and insert a privacy program that judges Vizio’s practices and its partners.


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