ClickSSL Weekly InfoSec Snipper February 20, 2017

The Cost of Yahoo’s Deal With Verizon Is likely To Cut

The bad days of Yahoo is not yet over as reports suggests that the deal with Verizon is likely to be revised due to recent breach done on Yahoo. Verizon is also prepared to cut $250M from Yahoo’s sales price. Yahoo recently faced breach due to forged cookies used by hackers to log accounts without requiring any passwords. Yahoo sent notification to its users as their accounts might have been compromised.

Around 75% Ransomware Families created only in Russia, Says Report

According to Kaspersky report, Russian hackers are responsible for 75% of all ransomware as out of 62 ransomware families, there were 47 developed by Russian. Due to skilled code-writers in Russia, the ratio of ransomware is high across the globe. In 2016, these ransomware spread havoc across globe and affected 1.4 million people who have either paid to attackers to get files or leave the affected files. Organizations were hit with ransomware about every 40 seconds.

Signal Messaging App Has Implemented Encrypted Video Calling

Signal messaging app has rolled out encrypted video calling feature for both android and iOS platforms. The new video calling feature comes with Callkit – a new framework on iOS 10 devices. Callkit on iOS 10 allows users to answer the call from locked screen of a phone. The new feature allows the app to function like regular phone calls. Users can turn off this privacy feature in phone setting. This video calling feature is in beta version so users have to enable this feature manually.

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Google Notified About Microsoft Window’s Vulnerability

Google Project Zero has discovered a new vulnerability in Microsoft Windows OS starting from Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to Windows 10 version. Microsoft failed to patch vulnerability after 90 days period. Google has reported in Microsoft Windows’ Graphics Device Interface (GDI) library on 9 June 2016. The vulnerability could allow attackers to steal data from program memory that uses this library. However, Microsoft released patch on 15 June but it did not fix all issues in GDI library so Google again notified Microsoft about issue. Microsoft delayed its update due to this issue.

Websites Can Track Users via Cross-Browser Fingerprinting Technique

Researchers came into light a new Cross-browser fingerprinting technique that can track users’ activities across multiple browsers. Even a user switches browser, the website can track user’s activity. New technique will rely on OS and hardware level features and can work across various browsers. This will be useful for advertisers to target their audience in an effective way. Lehigh University’s Yinzhi Cao and Song Li, and Washington University in St. Louis’ Erik Wijmans found this new technique.


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