Common Errors While Implement SSL On Your Website

Being a website owner is worrisome position as it brings lots of issues related to website’s security against threats and hackings. Hence, you must have a SSL certificate for your website that secures your website that protects your website from violence going on over the Internet. However, installing an SSL certificate to your website is a difficult process that requires extra care as slipping of at any point can cause serious security related issues.

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There are some common mistakes often noted while installing an SSL certificate. Our research says that these mistakes are very easy in nature and happen mainly because of ignorance and care. Any mistake while performing SSL installation leads to improper security which ultimately loses entire meaning of SSL. So, we take initiative of listing some important instructions down here for your quick reference and guide so that you take care while installation.

Avoid using Self-Signed Certificates

At first step, you think this to be a good idea and you sometimes want this. It is not an issue when your site does not have to build a sound reputation. In most cases, these are sites of commercial use. We do not recommend self signed ones in cases of the sites which are meant for business deals. Therefore, we recommend trusted certificates for them too. Using a valid certificate helps building a sound trust reputation and enables visitors to trust you more.

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Be clear about difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Sometimes website owners applies both “absolute path” and “relative path” while creating a website content. There should proper use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) to make your website loading faster. Mixing up of both absolute and relative path can show error message to your website visitors. For example, if you use absolute path of non-secured items on any HTTPS secured webpage, it’ll show an error message to your website visitors. It is therefore, advisable to build website by using relative path.

Beware of Fraudulent Certificate Providers

This is a step which should take care while obtaining SSL certificate from SSL providers. Not only for SSL certificate, but for everything you need to be settled by a third party like hosting, developing and other services. Trustworthy service providers also add some good reputation to your website. And when it comes to security, reputation matters a lot. This creates an impression of safe surfing among your visitors which ultimately increases your business reputation too.

Follow Installation Steps Properly

Utmost care should be taken while performing installation. You have to follow each step carefully. Some people do not wait to read what it says and abruptly keep on clicking ‘Next’ and ‘Yes’. This is not the right way to do installation even for any software product. Reading each step carefully not only install the product properly but also make you aware of what it takes for installing the product which in turn help you in case of trouble in future.

Check Version Compatibility of Software and Hardware

SSL Compatibility
Sometimes people just buy costly things to feel safe and secure with a thought that more prices for more security. This is not true for SSL certification. You should be aware of your hardware and software configuration before going for an SSL. It is because you should not waste money on a certificate you cannot use due to configuration mismatched hardware… A sound and reputed certificate provider is a great help for getting known on what exactly is your SSL certificate for your hardware and software and make you apply for an appropriate one.

Success of any website depends upon the security features it is offering. And a proper security can be achieved only with proper installation of SSL certificate. No matter how attractive website you own, it is worth visiting only if it has trusted SSL certificate. Following points that we just discussed about care to be taken while installation will help your website associated with good SSL certification and will ultimately increase reputation among your site visitors.


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