SSL is Now Ranking Signal Said by “Google”

In 2014 Google announce on their blog that “SSL/HTTPS as a ranking signal” because HTTPS provide strong encryption by default to website.

Cyber crime has become a serious issue since last few years and the whole world is anxious about their institution and enterprise security. Last week, Google made a wise decision for website security, announced that HTTPS factor would be a minor but vital aspect in website ranking. The object behind this announcement was to secure website traffic with SSL security. You might have heard about the phishing frauds that are being done around us every day. Users innocently visit phishing sites and become a victim of cyber culprits.

Users without security awareness carry out payment transaction and loss their money in wild. Earlier, Google search spam head Matt Cutts said in a statement that he would love to add SSL factor in search ranking. Google now turned that Matt Cutts dialogue into a reality. In this case, Google’s announcement to improve website protection with HTTPS is worth acceptable because customers will have broader security environment on the number of websites and they can securely interact with the web in their daily routine.

It is necessary to secure all web pages with HTTPS otherwise hackers could intercept your communication with website and they can perform Man-in-middle attack to make financial fraud. According to Google, HTTPS implementation will only impact less than 1% of global queries. Google also promised about the declaration of further documentation in the future regarding HTTPS but for now, Google provided few tips for HTTPS.

Tips from Google:

Choose certificate types: The type of certificate also depends upon the business requirements. You can choose single domain, multi domain or wildcard certificate to maximize your online security and minimize your expense. Different certificate authorities have contributed their efforts to offer up to the mark SSL certificates. Choose desired SSL certificate from below options.

2048-bit CSR encryption: As per CAB guideline, 2048-bit CSR is compulsory to make SSL better and compatible against brute force attack. The transactions take place on website will have improved and secured environment.

Use Protocol Relative URLs for all other domains: Make sure that every image, CSS and JavaScript should be access using HTTPS using Protocol Relative URLs that will reduce overhead of insecure pages and visitors will have error free access to your website.

Change of Website Address: Google has prescribed guideline for change of website address and request Google to index the content of website under new HTTPS URL. Google has given basic guide whether you are only moving your site protocol or changing a domain name.

HTTPS URLs crawling: Never blocks crawling of HTTPS URLs using robots.txt. It can hurt your ranking. Robots.txt file relates how search engine interrelate with your web-pages. Robots.txt is a primary par of search engine functionality. You should also avoid use of “No Index” meta tags.

Indexing your web pages by search engine: HTML sitemap allows users and search engine to find site’s different pages. XML sitemap helps search engine to find and index web page correctly.

For those websites that are already on HTTPS can check their security configuration level with Qualys Lab tool.

HTTPS not only secures online visitors and customers but also enhance the credibility of a website and put your website ahead of your rival. Online visitors get confidence when they observe that they are on safe site as a result. That will encourage your customers to do more business on your website.

After high-quality content, the next wise step from Google is SSL secured site. Now, it is clear that with time changing, Google will try to implement number change in its algorithms so users will have an informative content and secure environment.

Steps to take:

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