How Can SSL Certificate Helps To Fight Against Phishing And Pharming

Phishing and pharming create regular threats to web users whose perceptive data and information is under circumventing by hackers and other cyber criminals.

An SSL Certificate from ClickSSL can cut the arm of Internet crooks and helps to prevent web users from be victimized by phishing and pharming scheme when seeking to visit your Web site.

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The phishing seeks to steal and feat perceptive individual information, usually try to get victims to access fake websites that present themselves as legitimate, trusted entities such as banks and online stores.

Given that, the perpetrators of these attacks and the use of the registration domains that looks like a fake websites, SSL technology, through strict anti-fraud measures programs to detect and reject a certificate requests for doubtful domains.

More advanced than phishing and pharming rotates around the conception of abuse an Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) domain name server (DNS) entries. When the “pharmers” managed in such DNS, “poisoning” each computer that uses the ISP to connect to the Internet routed to the wrong website when a user enters a URL.

SSL Certificate can help avoid pharming approaches, as well. Real meaning, “pharmers” cannot get SSL Certificates when he / she have no control over the domain of certification requested.

Protect your site with SSL Certificate internet users trying to access a site that looks like you will be inform that there is something wrong with a secure connection should be:

No SSL Padlock Icon

Usually SSL certificate authorities (CAs) will not issue a certificate to fraudulent phishing or pharming websites, such websites usually do not use SSL encryption. Internet users have seen alert massage by the absence of a SSL padlock in the browser’s status bar.

The Name Mismatch Error

Pharming website could try to use the certificates issued by certification authorities in the domain owned by the attacker, but the browser warns the user that the user visited URL does not match the certificate presented to a fake Web site.

Untrusted CA

Pharming site could try to use the certificates issued by untrusted CA. In this case, the user’s browser will generate the following warning: the security certificate was issued by a company you have not chosen to trust.

Notify the user immediately leave the activities and operations when presented with a warning. Thus, SSL certificate technology provides business owners and alert, responsive internet users with an efficient weapon against phishing, pharming and like cyber frauds.


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