Important Mobile Commerce Security Measures

Mobile commerce is an easy method to make payment without worry about credit card punching and frees us from credit card swindle. Payment service provider has to consider some security priorities to secure users at the time of making payment. Security measures must be for both side Company and User for M-commerce.

From Company Side:

  • Authentication: It means only authorized user can access the payment system. By implementing proper security, two parties get authentication and a bridge of trust develops between both parties for safe payment.
  • Integrity: The data that is transferring between the server and the user is not altered or intercepted, and is reliable. Because of stringent security, hackers will have fewer chances to interpret the data that flows during the whole transaction.
  • Confidentiality: Ensure that the data taken from the user during payment transaction is secure from hackers or unauthorized person. Data sent over the network is encrypted and cannot be identified by the third party.

From User Side:

  • Trusted Sources:
    It is advisable to download app from trusted sources as third party stores may have virus or made for deceit users. Always download from Apple or Android store that provides a trusted platform for app. If user download app or game from untrusted source, they may become victim of cyber attack.
  • Check Reviews:
    When user try to download the app, there are listed reviews they can see written under the image of apps or games. Always read those reviews or feedback as they are from users and may help to warn them before downloading any app or game. There are many tricky apps with no use or vulnerable that may harm Smartphone when user download them. Such app can track their contact and other essential details in Smartphone.
  • Password:
    Password is necessary in current time to prevent outsider access to mobile. When any stranger tries to access your phone or mail account, phone should have device password. When you have direct access of your bank account or online shopping cart, then the situation is even more severe. In case of phone missing, no one can steal your data because of device password.
  • HTTPS:
    When user try to connect with any website on which they wish to carry online transaction then always look at website’s address bar in mobile browser. The address bar should start with HTTPS along with secure padlock that shows authenticity of website and help to ensure users that financial details will remain secured.Cheap SSL

    It means that the site which user are visiting, is secure with SSL (secure sockets layer) and details will be encrypted at the time of transaction to prevent outsider access to your data.

  • Statements:
    User should frequently monitor their bank statement and if any suspicious entry found then report to the bank as it may be an unauthorized transactions done without their awareness. User should always change password after some days that help to save account from spying hackers. Some extra cautions can save hard-earned money.

Finally, from the above discussion we can consider that M-commerce is a rising technology that is renowned some part of the world that provides an easy way of payment, saving your time and frees you from online threats. However, every novel technology is imperfect without strong security. It is in the interest of user and company to take some security measures for smooth and secure online transaction.


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