What is bit encryption, and how does it work?

When you are ready to secure your site with SSL Certificate, you will have to choose the type of encryption that you want. The process of encryption hides the data of a message in such a way that original data can be recovered through a corresponding decryption process. This article contains information about the bit encryption process. First we understand what is bit actually.

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What is bit?

Encryption is the process that translates secret information into worthless information. With SSL certificate there is a key. The key allows the right people to be able to decrypt the information. It is important when you are protecting personal payment information or other confidential information.

When you are working with each little piece of information is called a bit. A bit is the smallest part of the information. The bit is represented as a number. The number of bits is equal to the number of characters. 40-bit encryption is not very strong. 128 bit and 256 bit are stronger than 40 bit.

What is the encryption process?

The encryption process is designed to prevent theft during the transmission of data on the internet. Encryption works as taking a bit of information and processing it with a formula that translates secret information into a meaningless string of letters and numbers. This encrypted string can be sent to the internet so none would be able to read this. When the string reaches to its destination the same formula applied to the string to decrypt it.

128 bit encryption has 88 more bits of key length than 40 bit encryption means there are 288 more combinations. 128 bit encryption is very secure and is hard to crack the code. 256 bit encryption is even stronger. Both 128 and 256 makes use of a special algorithm.

128-bit encryption is enough for you if you don’t need an advanced level of security because 128-bit encryption is more than sufficient. If you want the extra security, and your business can handle the expense of increased security, it might be worth it to you.


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