Code Signing Certificates for Apple Mac OS

Thawte Code Signing Certificate for Apple is used to sign applications, plug-ins, and content for Mac OS X desktops. Apple Code signing certificate uniquely creates a digital signature with code publisher information, ensure about its integrity, and thus used to sign Mac content.

When any self-sign or unsigned software is found, it shows a warning pop up about its authenticity. In case of signed certificate user can check certificate details by clicking on “show certificate”.

Your Code signing certificate carries your complete organizational name and your public key that is used to digitally signed code and content throughout the certificate validity period.

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Code Signing

Code Signing Certificates

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System Compatibility, Features & Benefits of Code Signing Certificate for Mac / Apple
System Requirement:

  • You must purchase and reclaim your Code signing certificate from the same PC.


  • You should have Firefox 1 or higher.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensure visitors that your code is verified that can boost their confidence.
  • Provide protection to your brand by securing your code from being compromised.
  • User can buy, renew, or manage through a single point Thawte certificate center.
  • You do not need to go for multi-year certificate.
  • Code Signing certificate will come with time stamp that saves you from accidentally expiry of certificate