RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

RapidSSL CASecuring your sub-domains is just as important as your main domain, and the installation of the RapidSSL Wildcard protects these sub-domains quickly upon issuance, usually in a matter of minutes. The RapidSSL wildcard certificate is a low-cost solution to secure your multiple sub-domains, it doesn’t require dedicated IP for each sub domain. RapidSSL offers unlimited server licenses, so you can install it on multiple servers to secure all your sub domains.

lowest price
Year ClickSSL Price /yr. RapidSSL.com Price Save
3 $113.00 $166.00 31.93%
2 $114.50 $174.00 34.20%
1 $139.00 $199.00 30.15%

About RapidSSL WildCard:

If you are looking for cheap wildcard SSL solution that does not require paperwork for the online validation process, this RapidSSL product is for you that can be re-issued immediately. This wildcard SSL is more popular among medium or small businesses those have e-commerce websites. Like the RapidSSL Certificate, 256 bit SSL and 2048 CSR encryption are standard. This low-cost wildcard will not only protect unlimited sub-domains, but it also comes with a warranty of $10K.

RapidSSL Wildcard Specifications:
  • Domain issued: Unlimited Sub domains secured
  • Issuance Time: Immediate
  • Validation Type: Domain validation
  • Free Site Seal: Secure RapidSSL site seal
  • Warranty: $10K
  • Root Certificate: Yes
  • Encryption: 256-bit with 2048-bit CSR Encryption
  • Money Refund: 30 days money refund policy
  • Reissue: Free SSL reissue lifetime
  • Browser Ubiquity: More than 99%
  • Server License: Unlimited – at no extra cost
  • Cost Saving: Secure unlimited sub-domain paying a single cost
  • Validity: Up to 3 years

How RapidSSL Wildcard Works?

RapidSSL Wildcard secures all your sub domains with a single, low cost and easy to manage the certificate. Secure an unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name. Once you take wildcard certificate for your primary domain (*.imagineyourwebsite.com), you can protect:

  • www.imagineyourwebsite.com
  • mail.imagineyourwebsite.com
  • image.imagineyourwebsite.com

This Wildcard SSL being finest web security that provides online protection with up to 256 bit root encryption. RapidSSL.com owns the root used to issue different certificates making it a stable SSL offering. ClickSSL is a platinum partner of RapidSSL certificate authority and offering huge discount on Wildcard SSL certificates.