Famous Banks & Financial Institutions Opt Symantec’s SSL Encryption

Trust and security are two main pillars in the finance sector. To achieve trust among customers, security plays an important role. Before customers enter login credentials on any bank website, they want to ensure security parameters and here the role of SSL security makes impression in public eye. It is true that many authorities deal with the SSL security certificate, but if we look at the most popular financial institutes across the world, they use Symantec SSL certificate for their customer’s finance security.

Symantec SSL Certificate

There are several reasons to choose Symantec because the certificate authority works on three main principles like encryption, authentication, and validity.


The main quality of Symantec SSL is to offer the standard level of encryption that secures the information between server to server and browser to server. By encoding the information, the data of customers remain secure and avert third party interruption.


It is important to validate the server before exchanging any data. Symantec SSL is the best option for providing authentication compare to a self-signed certificate. By providing superior encryption to the numerous clients Symantec is successful in establishing authenticate environment.


After verifying the business existence, Symantec issues SSL Certificate for a set length of time. When two servers try to connect each other, SSL verifies the validity itself. It is required to check about the validity of SSL Certificate; otherwise, it won’t be able to secure customer’s online data. Certificate issued by Symantec fetches 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption.

Let us reveal why most popular banks around the world trust Symantec and opted Symantec SSL certificate for their customer’s security.

HSBC Bank:

With around 7.2K offices worldwide in more than 85 countries HSBC Inc., has been serving more than 3 million individuals and corporate customer only in USA.

Barry Jones, Senior Manager, Group IT Security at HSBC Said, “As e-criminals grow more sophisticated, financial services leaders like HSBC must always remain a step ahead to ensure the security and trust of our customers”.

“Deploying VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Certificates will allow us to send an instantly recognizable signal — the reassuring green bar — to our online banking customers, confirming that any personal information they supply on that page will go directly to HSBC and no one else. In the often unsettling landscape of today’s Internet, Symantec Pro EV SSL protection helps us provide a safe haven for our customers.”

ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank):

Abu Dhabi Commercial bank is situated in United Arab Emirates formed in 1986 possess 148 million total assets. The bank holds branches in UAE, UK and India that focusing on areas like retail, commercial, investment and brokerage.

Steve Dulvin, head of IT operations of ADCB said, “Security resources are a scarce commodity and identifying the right candidate for a job could be cumbersome and a never-ending process.” He also added, “Symantec’s presence here in the Middle East has changed a lot in recent years”.

“Their team in the UAE has grown, they are very customer focused, and there is no ‘heavy selling’ approach to the relationship. This flexibility gave us the confidence that we had found a partner we wanted to work with and rely on.”

ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China):

More than 4.38 million customers worldwide, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) remains on the top position in all global banks. The bank holds more than 18000 outlets, including 106 abroad branches. Forbes global announced ICBC as a world’s biggest first ranked public companies in the year 2000.

A spokesperson of ICBC said, “We are always reviewing new ways to improve the security of our Internet banking services. Maintaining high levels of trust and encouraging more customers to adopt Internet banking is important to us,” said a spokesperson from ICBC.”

Dollar Bank:

For more than 159 years, Dollar bank operates in 60 branch offices. The bank head office is located at Ohio; the bank website has opted Symantec EV SSL for the customer’s safety. With an increase in electronic transactions, the bank needs a solution to monitor and protect confidential customer data. After evaluating data loss prevention, the company moved to Symantec.

Don Beacom, a vice president of PC applications said, “With Symantec Data Loss Prevention, we’re able to monitor and protect bank sensitive information such as credit card numbers and bank account numbers automatically.”

Deutsche Bank:

Having 100K employees in 70 countries, Deutsche bank holds a large existence in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and the emerging markets. The bank provides financial products and services for corporate clients, including derivatives, wealth management, retail banking, fund management, etc.

To protect the interest of customers, it is a duty of Deutsche bank, and the Symantec SSL provides an opportunity to serve the customers with confidence and security. Symantec EV SSL provides a superior security that let customers to view their accounts, conduct online banking, and invest with complete peace of mind.


After finding above facts, it is clear that banks and financial institution have succeeded in retaining their customers’ confidence with the implantation of Symantec SSL. Symantec provides a reliable online security solution that makes customer security management and services more affordable.


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