Few Facts About Thawte Site Seal You Hardly Know

In our recent article which was revealing Facts of Thawte, we talked on the inception of Thawte and its journey. I would like to share another fine article with elaborated illustration on “Thawte Trusted Site Seal”. A site seal that establishes confidence in a customer’s mind, and ensure that the customer is on the safe website, and the identity of the website is verified. Thawte is the only brand, which provides a site seal in 18 different languages that allow website owners to apply site seal according to the different language website.

Why Require Thawte Trusted Site Seal On Your Website?

Thawte Trusted Site seal comes with Thawte SSL certificate, and particularly useful for banking, ecommerce or any industry that belongs to online transactions. Industry requires a proper trust to make smooth and secure online transaction on such websites. With Thawte Trusted Site Seal, customers can easily put trust on website.

How To Add Thawte Site Seal?

After installing SSL, follow the process of Thawte site seal, which is as follows.

  • Select the language for the seal and seal verification page.
  • Choose the size of site seal like 80×80 pixels, 61×60 pixels, and 199×39 pixels.
  • Select the layout style like only image or image and text.
  • Enter the common name in given bracket, which should be matched with domain name.

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How To Justify The Site Seal?

After understanding the requirement of Thawte Trust seal, we would like to look at legitimacy of Thawte site seal. User has to click on Thawte Trusted Seal to check the authenticity. Browser will open a popup window that states particulars about validity, country, domain name, and organization name.

Where To Place Thawte Site Seal On The Website?

Website owners have many options to place Thawte trusted site seal on their website. They can place site seal on a home page, buying page, login page or any other pages where authenticity is necessary to provide the trust to the customer.


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