How to Beat Internet Grinch with an SSL?

Small businesses now have to focus on their online business websites to attract buyers and increase online transaction. ClickSSL has prepared some points for small business website to keep in the considerations to boost online customer’s trust & attract buyers, let’s look at them:

Use SSL to secure all online transactions & confidential data

Increased frequency and rigorousness of cyber attacks makes data and online transactions more risky. Encryption allows for data security, but unfortunately, most businesses do not allow end-to-end encryption to transmit confidential information to people who use their online stores. To secure themselves and their consumers, small and medium enterprises should implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL), also known as the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for all sites that require personal or financial information that is confidential, such as online registration, trade and bank.

Displaying brand recognition of a third party can be trusted with the visibility

Users do not know who is backside the websites they visit and the necessitate to verify that you are running a legalize business. This is particularly true for small medium enterprises, which often do not have the brand is widely known as a trusted entity. Seal of trust and a sign of confidence by third party is an important part for small and medium enterprises to demonstrate reliability and increase the confidence of visitors, traffic and transactions. The U.S. Consumer Online Study found that 94 percent of respondents were likely to continue buying them online when they see the Norton™ Secured Seal during checkout, more than other site seals displayed. In addition, small and medium enterprises should try to seal not only still images (which is often not true), but to link dynamically in real-time monitoring of the purchasing company’s seal, and Certificate Authority (CA) has been published.

Upgrade to EV SSL so customers will see the green address bar

Sophisticated cyber attacks occur every day, making it nearly unacceptable to find out whether a site is authentic. Social technology and research can make it almost unacceptable to recognize a real email, links and web sites from a fake just by expecting at them. Precious tool to avoid cyber crimes certified Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer (EV SSL) for all sites that use SSL. In fact, the line of trust (OTA) 2011 Honor Roll Online Alliance for Security and Scorecard has recorded 68 percent year on year increase adoption of EV SSL Certificate. Being part of the EV SSL green address bar of your browser, indicating that the Web site (by extension, the organization behind) is valid. These visual cues allow immediate inspections and boost customer assurance.

Avoid malware infection & search engine blacklisting by including malware scans & vulnerability assessment

Browsers and search engines call for web site owners to test the web site is not infected with malware. To secure their users, search engines and browsers to blacklist the affected web site, their flag and warn all visitors that this site may harm their computer. Blacklisted from a big problem for websites that are infected, damaged ranking visibility, reputation and search the site, even if the owner of the website to solve the problem. To help reduce the risk of malware and protect their good brands, small and medium businesses should seriously consider a regularly scheduled scan, automated malware and vulnerability assessment. These cloud-based services to allow for web site owners and visitors are exposed to hidden malware for the littlest possible time. To provide an indication of the seals are in place to provide direct evidence that visitors can trust a website to be malware.

Avoid damaging publicity by continuing to monitor third-party code, links and advertising

A web site success depends on believing that connects visitors and banner advertising sites safe. The criminals know this and have been distributed advertising to take advantage of that trust. Advertising takes three main forms: cyber-criminals hack into websites and inject malware into banner advertising, website owners are not intentionally distribute malware, after the cyber criminals to compromise their networks and advertisers claim to be real and waiting for the victim to click on their ads . The site owner may have difficulty identifying the tremendous publicity and attacks ever more difficult to track down the perpetrators. To reduce this risk, small and medium enterprises should invest in services that scan, detect and report on advertisements on their websites. These services automatically notify editors and identify the location of dangerous advertising so the customer can remove malicious ads, which can damage their organization prestige.

To assure that their consumers can trust on their web site for small businesses with online deal is secure and protected with a window should follow good practice. This ensures that our customers’ shopping experience is smooth and pleasant.


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