Avoid Traditional Perception About Website Security

Many companies fail to put into practice security safeguards and fundamental protections because of some misconception and myths regarding security of their business. Even they believe that basic security parameters are enough to protect their business. That is impossible and false. Perceptions that organizations keep:

“No one is interested in my business because there is nothing like valuable in my business.”

“My business is too small.”

“If someone attacks on me, I have antivirus product which secures my PC or Laptop.”

All the above perception is negligible against hackers as they are after your information like login details, financial details, customer data, etc.

In this article, we have hoarded some myths about website security and point out where they fall out.

Hacking Will Not Happen To My Site

Hackers have no days off and they look at business size. Hackers can hack the site that they found suitable to fulfill their target. There are few motives behind hacking like for fun, learning, monetary purpose, business rivalry. Remember, a shark in sea never counts the size of a person, it just dissect and finish the victim. Attackers use sophisticated techniques like social engineering, spear phishing, identity theft, SQL injection through which they take over your server and inject virus or malicious tool to monitor the server activities and capture the data. They shoot emails to users or customers of your company and make them victim of data theft or session hijacking.

Security Risk Can Be Measured

Many companies believe that hacking will not cost much to them but it is an erroneous. The truth is that we cannot judge the value of stolen data until the penetration testing and investigation team submits their report. It is uncertain that how and when you recover from the attack and how much badly you will be affected once you are under cyber attack. Therefore, it is advisable to make security programs from the ground level that will enable you to gauge the security strategies and level of protection of your business.

Security Is A Job Of CISO

Companies appoint CISO (chief information security officer) to take care of organization’s security but it is not a sole job of CISO. It is true that CISO as a senior level executive looks after the establishment and maintenance of security of information assets but the company should build up a plan or strategy for security, which involves different departments across the organization. However, information security includes several aspects like people management, legal process, risk management, organizational changes, and technical management.

No Credit Card – No SSL Required

Credit card fraud has now become common in current time. If your company does not store credit card details, mean a good sign for you. That is one facet that you keep but hackers can ruin your organization prestige other than by getting financial details. These culprits can steal data of your customers including email address, contact details, mailing address, SSN numbers, passwords, and username with identity theft and brute force attack. It is wise to get a higher level of security for your website even if you are not accepting credit card details. Your customers would prefer those sites that do take care of their personal information. In this case, your website should have SSL to protect your customers from phishing, data theft, and identity theft.

All Types Of SSL Are The Same

It is true that SSL secures online transmitting information but it is false that all SSL available in the market are having same quality and protection level. As there are three types of main protection and validation level, that differentiates them with each other. For example, domain validation is a primary level certificate that is ideal for beginner eCommerce platform and does not require strict validation process. In business validation, the website owner has to provide company details. On that base, the certificate authority will verify the business integrity with vetting process prescribed by the CA/B forum.

While the third is EV or Extended Validation SSL, in this type of Validation, the website owner has to follow a strict validation process according to guideline set by the CA/B forum. With EV, the address bar of a browser turns into green bar that shows the highest authenticity of a website. EV SSL is ideally for financial sectors, banking, ecommerce, and social media giants where authenticity and security is inevitable.

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The above myths are prevailing in most of companies and it should be removed before any unfortunate hacking happen to them. Taking no action or little action leaves your system vulnerable to attack. Proper security standards should be followed by every organization and proper cyber security training must be given to every department inside organization.


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