EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate

How EV Multi Domain SSL Increases Business Conversion, Saves Money And Time?

EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates let you make secure in all the browsers and servers. It allows up to 100 domains to get validated with this single SSL certificate. One of the biggest benefits of EV Multi Domain SSL certificate is that it increases website/business sales conversion by showcasing a business name and green address bar. This green bar is exclusive to EV SSL certificates, and it ensures customers gets safe and secure medium to transact through the website. This certificate validates company existence and makes the website secure from eavesdropping and hacking attacks.

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Another important thing about EV Multi Domain SSL is that it offers full business verification and take up to 10 business days for the issuance of the certificate. So, here what are we trying to say is that EV (Extended Validation) Multi-Domain SSL certificate has many advantages for business hence it saves time and money too.

Keep reading this article as this will explain further about EV multi-domain SSL and how it is beneficial to you.

EV Multi Domain SSL certificate is greatly supported by the most efficient and complete validation process. This process helps to get highest authenticity, integrity for most browsers – this is very important for the online business and for the browser too. These certificates take lead of the additional visual cues that are popular in today’s market, by offering a green bar in Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and of course Google Chrome. And what happens with all this, you get a clear display to tell your customers that your website is now secure. The EV Multi Domain SSL certificate also gives a fantastic solution for your website that bestows the best security solution to fix the malware and other perilous website vulnerabilities whilst protecting your site from being blacklisted.

You will gradually understand by this article why A Multi Domain SSL certificate is efficient in saving time and money. This is basically because it can secure up to 100 different domains on just a single certificate. You also get sufficient warranty amount in case of misissuance and a free website seal – all these features of EV multi-domain SSL certificate helps in building trust in turn growing business.

What Are The Benefits Of EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate That Set It Apart From Its Counterparts?

  • This certificate saves your hundreds and thousands of dollars per year as compared to the other individual SSL certificates cost to you.
  • It gives secured connection up to 100 Fully Qualified Domain Names and all this on just a single certificate.
  • No matter how many websites you take (up to 100), with EV Multi-Domain certificate all your domains will display a green padlock, business name with green text on browser’s address bar that helps to enhance customer’s trust towards websites.
  • By paying extra cost you can take additional domain name which can be added any time during the certificate life cycle into your website.

How It Saves Time And Money?

Of course, the aforementioned advantages and features are sufficed to justify this question but let’s have a look at some more points in detail:

  • Whether you have a small set-up or a big business, an EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate is a perfect medium for encryption for multiple websites which makes certificate management easy. It saves lots of certificate management time compared to individual ssl certificate.
  • You don’t have to a spend huge amount of money by buying an Extended Validation SSL Certificate for each and every domain of yours because this certificate gives green bar + multiple domain security.
  • Moreover, you don’t have to worry about reissue, renewal dates and installations as SSL provider like ClickSSL that take care of it and provides guidance over it.
  • Topping it up, you save a lot of money and get the highest standard of authentication by lessening administrative needs as different domains up to 100 can be covered under this single certificate. So here you have a win-win situation.

Get Trusted And Secure Connection With EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

What else a website owner need if he/she gets the highest standard of security and strong encryption. Yes, this is the best part of an EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate which all the website owners or service providers love. Accurate authentication and reliability is what that pulls your customers close to you, because this is what your customers need. Not only this, an EV multi domain SSL certificate displays visual indicator like padlock, business name in green bar before your domain name in address bar but also saves business/website from phishing as well. The green padlock in the address bar and the trust seal is a strong indicator which helps your customers to gain trust on your website.

If you have multiple domains and you’re managing a huge portfolio of websites then all you need is strong encryption, and you have a couple of other options as well. First, you can buy an individual SSL Certificate for each site – this will cost you a pretty penny.

Or you can opt for a smart route that can encrypt all your multiple domains on a single certificate. You can initially start by encrypting your main domain and later you can add additional domains as Subject Alternative Name – termed as SAN.

You may be thinking that SANs will cost quite a bit to you, yeah it can but not too much as compared to what you would pay when you buy a single domain certificate for your every domain and here you are saving quite a bit of money. Just go ahead, with all these points discussed and you will certainly end up in getting a good deal for your website at ClickSSL, with the help of following EV Multi Domain SSL certificates.

Products Issuance Offer Price CA Price
Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL 3-5 days $168.75 /yr. $809.00 /yr. buy now
GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV SSL 3-5 days $314.55/yr. $436.50/yr. buy now
Symantec Secure Site With EV 3-5 days $584.10/yr. $895.00/yr. buy now