What is Wildcard SSL Certificate and How Does it Works?

Wildcard SSL certificate works on asterisk (*) and a dot before the domain name (*. domain. com). The certificate secures the primary wildcard domain and its first level of subdomains.

All subdomains will have the same security level, including the main domain. Wildcard certificate comes with a domain and organization validation process.

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What Does a Wildcard SSL Certificate Do?

Wildcard SSL certificate considers an asterisk to add unlimited subdomains under the main domain.

In the future, if a business wants to add more subdomains, it can be covered under a single wildcard SSL cert that requires no reissuance while adding an extra subdomain in the hierarchy.

Suppose you are running a business and require subdomains security then; you can go with a wildcard SSL certificate that works as shown below:

For example, your primary domain is *.yourbusiness.com.

  • blog.youbusiness.com
  • mail.yourbusiness.com
  • payment.yourbusiness.com

wildcard ssl certificate

If you wish to secure mail.mywebsite.yourbusiness.com under *.yourbusiness.com, which will not be possible as a wildcard SSL certificate only secures the first level of subdomains.

For mail.mywebsite.yourbusiness.com, you need to purchase another wildcard SSL for *.mywebsite.yourbusiness.com

If you do have not a budget constraint, you can also go with a multi-domain wildcard SSL.

Why to Use Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Wildcard SSL certificate is a boon for those enterprises who need subdomain security but at a budget price. If you purchase a single separate certificate for each subdomain, it would be a costly deal for a business.

Instead of a single purchase, a company can think about an SSL Wildcard certificate that is ideal for unlimited subdomainsā€™ security.

Moreover, there is no reissuance necessary when you add an extra subdomain under the main domain.

Wildcard SSL certificates Benefits

Save Your Cost:

Saving a cost is one of the essential benefits of a wildcard SSL certificate. The certificate can secure multiple subdomains under a single certificate without requiring a separate SSL certificate to secure each subdomain.

Easy Management:

Wildcard certificate offers seamless certificate management where a single date is required to renew all first-level subdomains. It means there are negligible chances of missing renewal dates.

Strong Encryption:

All data traveling between the server and the client will have robust encryption with a Wildcard certificate. Cyber thieves cannot intercept ongoing communication between two ends.

Money-Back Guarantee:

ClickSSL understands the perception of a buyer; hence, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. A purchaser has the right to take back all money if he is not satisfied with the purchased product.

Subdomains Security:

All wildcard subdomains will have strong SHA-256 security that keeps cyber thieves away from online communications. *.yourdomain.com can secure its subdomains like payment.yourdomain.com, mail.yourdomain.com.

How Much Does Wildcard SSL Cost?

The cost of a Wildcard SSL certificate starts from $45 per year. The price of a Wildcard certificate is different according to the SSL provider. It will go up to $330.37 per year

How Do I Get a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Follow these simple steps to get your Wildcard SSL certificate.

  • Goto ClickSSL
  • Click on the Wildcard certificate product list
  • Select your desired Wildcard certificate
  • Make a payment

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