Why To Choose RapidSSL Certificates?

Website security is now stuff that a website owner cannot overlook to secure their valuable customers’ sensitive information. In the rising world of threat, your website needs a RapidSSL Certificates for stable and strong online security that can provide your customers a secure platform where they can feel the sigh of relief.

Every customer is conscious of its login credentials or payment data. It should be a primary duty of a website owner to secure the website for long-term professional relationships with customers and clients as well it helps businesses to grow in the near future. To fulfill this need, you as a website owner can look around for an SSL certificate that can secure online information transfer between the server and the user’s browser.

About RapidSSL Certificates:

GeoTrust owned RapidSSL and now it is a part of DigiCert group. The CA provides reliable SSL certificates including RapidSSL and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate. Customers get up to the mark certificates that are ideal for any SMBs and large enterprises. RapidSSL certificate authority (CA) works on authentication, data integrity, and encryption, so RapidSSL ensures potential customers that their data will continue intact as they are conducting transactions over the secured website.

RapidSSL Certificates:

If we look at products of RapidSSL then there are two. RapidSSL certificate and RapidSSL Wildcard certificate.

  1. RapidSSL certificate is a domain SSL certificate that is ideal for any startup or small business.
  2. On other hand, RapidSSL Wildcard is perfect to secure main domain with its first level unlimited sub domains by allowing * condition to your main domain name. For example, *.domain.com can secure blog.domain.com, mysite.domain.com.

Cheap RapidSSL certificate

Benefits of RapidSSL Certificates:

  • Strong Encryption: RapidSSL certificates offer 256-bit modern algorithm that secures online travelling information and saves it from date sniffing and threats.
  • Unlimited Reissuance: You can reissue the certificate in case you lose your private key or want to use same certificate on other server etc. Most certificate providers offer unlimited reissuance.
  • Warranty: RapidSSL certificates come with $10,000 warranty in case if the CA wrongly issues the certificate.
  • Compatibility: RapidSSL certificates carry highest compatibility with all types of servers, desktop and mobile browsers and operating systems. Hence, there is no sign of warning your customer will face while browsing the website.
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee: In case, if you do not need SSL certificate, you can take your money back within 30 days of purchase date.
  • Certificate Management: RapidSSL Wildcard certificate allows unlimited sub domains security hence, a single certificate will secure all sub domains. There is no need to take care of individual certificate.
  • Speedy Issuance: Both RapidSSL certificates take up to 15 minutes for issuance. The CA only verifies the ownership of the domain which does not require in-depth verification of legal documents.

Why RapidSSL Certificates should be your first Choice?

RapidSSL certificates are the best for your website from several standpoints like speedy issuance, strong encryption, lowest price, money back guarantee, reissuance, free site seal, leading brand, plus 24/7 customer support from ClickSSL. If you are searching for basic security at lower price, then RapidSSL brand is the best choice for your website security. A green padlock, HTTPS in web address bar and site seal bestow confidence to customers and a secured site seal boost morale and trust of customers.

Get RapidSSL Certificates at unmatched price:

In today’s time, everyone thinks of saving money on purchase of anything so Why SSL should be an exception. We bring timely price saving offers on RapidSSL certificates that can save huge on your purchase. ClickSSL as an authorized partner of RapidSSL certificate authority offers great discount that you may hardly find anywhere. Just browse ClickSSL and get amazing lowest price on RapidSSL certificates. So What are you thinking, make your pocket please today with RapidSSL certificates offered from ClickSSL.

About SSL Protocol:

SSL (HTTPS) is a growing protocol among individuals and organizations. Google is also giving importance to SSL, as the search engine giant will rank higher to those sites that have HTTPS. If we look at technical stuff of SSL protocol then SSL is a continuous updating protocol that works on public key and private key. Public key (2048-bit RSA key) encrypts the data while private key decodes the data. Due to evolving technologies and computing power, SSL certificate requires lengthy key to fight against threat, brute force attack and technological changes. Currently, SSL encodes data with 256-bit encryption. SSL avoids thus third party interception using strong key and encryption.

Besides, if you want to get SSL certificate, there are many certificate authorities like RapidSSL, Comodo, DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte. In this article, we will discuss about one of the legitimate certificate authorities (CA) i.e. RapidSSL that can help to take your security certificate at affordable price.

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