EV SSL Certificate for eCommerce: Why EV SSL is The Right Choice?

2018 saw an 88-percent increase in eCommerce fraud rates compared to 2017. Don’t be surprised if the rate stays the same — or worse, increase in 2019. We live in a digital economy. Paperless transactions are in vogue. Mobile apps do everything. That makes things easy for cyber frauds and cybersecurity attacks.

You can be a consumer or a business — no matter which side of the table you are in, taking precautions is necessary. For an online store there is no better defense available than the EV SSL Certificate. EV SSL certificate for Ecommerce is the first choice of any online store. So, lets first look at what is an EV SSL?

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What is an EV SSL Certificate?

EV stands for Extended Validation or naming green bar SSL. An SSL certificate is said to be having extended validation if it satisfies two conditions:

  • The green address bar (Opera, Safari, Firefox)
  • The padlock symbol as a prefix to the URL
  • Company name with country code

SSL certificates are classified based on several facets. Their validation process happens to be one among them. The other types of validation include Domain validation and Organization validation.

Of all the three, extended validation is the supreme validation available. While domain validation validates the domain ownership of the website, and organization validation validates the organizational ownership of the business, extended validation goes a few notches forward.

A rigorous background check and vetting process is carried out before any EV SSL certificate is granted to a website. That makes it the best option for eCommerce websites.

EV SSL Certificate for eCommerce – Why You Need It?

If you are an eCommerce store owner, here are some reasons why you must consider having an Extended Validation SSL for your website.

It Shows You Are The Legit Site

Nothing scares online store owners more than having a scamster run a fake store that impersonates theirs. Customers who transact with the fake website could get duped and blame the original website for their losses.

The only way to show your customers that you are the legit website with the specified URL, you need an EV SSL Certificate.

An EV SSL certificate is the hallmark sign that your website’s identity, its ownership and location has been vetted by someone authoritative — like a Certificate Authority. The website also displays the company name in the address bar.

Furthermore, it is possible for users to independently verify the veracity of the website by clicking on the certificate and verifying its details. The certificate will contain information like the owner of the website, domain owner and the location of the business or the website owner.

It Helps Reduce Cart Abandonment’s

Do you know why more than 23% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts without completing the purchase? They have security-related concerns. They have apprehensions that their credit card information could be stolen and misused by cybercriminals. The recent wake of hacking attempts that have taken down financial companies like Equifax also adds to their woes.

Luckily for eCommerce store owners, an EV SSL certificate can put to rest customer worries. The mere presence of an SSL certificate, the green address bar and the padlock symbol all make customers feel safe while transacting online purchases.

It Helps with PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is an international payment standard for businesses that handle card schemes. Credit card, debit card and most of the online banking transactions come under its purview.

PCI DSS compliance indicates that the website adheres to the security requirements that are put in place by a globally accredited institution. Also, PCI DSS compliance has a well-recognized logo that is identified by customers as a symbol of online security.

It Gives You a Trust Seal

Almost every SSL certificate accompanies a trust seal. A trust seal is a logo or emblem that is issued by a specific authority, in this case, the Certificate Authority is issuing the SSL certificate. It is not possible for any unauthorized personnel to replicate the trust seal. That makes them exclusive to the ones who have possession of it.

Also, trust seals are usually issued by globally renowned certificate authorities instead of security agencies like GlobalTrust, Comodo, DigiCert, etc. all of which are easily recognized by online shoppers.

Trust seals can be displayed at strategic locations of the online store like the sign-in page, the checkout page, the payment gateway and so on.

It Gives SEO Advantage

For most online stores, a large chunk of traffic comes from organic sources. SEO helps websites to secure top ranks in search results. Studies have already proven that websites that rank in the top ten rankings get maximum traffic than the rest of the pages.

When it comes to search marketing, it had some search signals in place to rank pages. One among the ranking signals is website security. Google looks specifically for HTTPS websites. In other words, pages with an SSL certificate stand a better chance of ranking higher in search results.

EV SSL Certificate for Your eCommerce Store: the Best Decision You Would Make

Your online store can have many problems, but security should not be one of them. From instilling trust in customer minds to ensuring compliance with global payment standards and giving your SEO a power boost, an SSL certificate can do quite a lot.

Wondering if it is worth the money spent? The cost of an EV SSL certificate will range from a few hundred dollars and upwards. Considering the benefits that it brings the cost is nominal and well-deserved. If you manage to buy a cheap EV SSL certificate, you can score more benefits without having to break your bank.

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