Thawte Code Signing certificate helps software developers to make sure that their code is authenticated by a reputed certificate authority. It may happen that if the code is not verified, then it will show a pop-up warning while installing the software. This Code Signing product of Thawte removes this hurdle and offers code and content integrity and enhances user trust with a secure environment. As a coder, you can give assurance to your customers that your software is safe and the code has not been changed since its inception.

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Product Features

Certificate AuthorityThawte
Product NameThawte Code Signing Certificate
Product Price$116.10/yr.
PurchaseBuy | Renew
SecuresSoftware & Applications
Great forDigital sign your code and content
SEO advantagesUse SSL site-wide to get higher ranking in Google SERPs
Issuance3 to 7 business days
ValidationOrganization validation
Certificate DetailsVerified publisher identity
Supported AlgorithmSHA-2 enabled
Certificate Encryption256-bit certificate encryption and 2048-bit key length
Server LicenseNO
SAN SupportNO
WarrantyUSD $50,000 Warranty
Green BarNO
PaperworkCompany documents required
Browser Support99.9% all desktop and mobile browsers
Refund30 days full money back guarantee
Re-issueUnlimited during the certificate life-span
Site SealNO
Anti-Malware ScanNO
Vulnerability AssessmentNO

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$116.10 per year
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Always Low Prices!
$116.10 per year
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Cheap Prices and Best Support

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30 Days Full Refund Guarantee

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Stay Secure with Best Features

Best Solution to Secure Code & Content

Code Signing product of Thawte can help you to make your code (software) or application safe and trustworthy when you distribute them over the internet or corporate network. ClickSSL is an authorized reseller of Thawte CA and offering Code Signing product at the cheapest price.

Authorship & Reduce Errors

Due to piracy and theft, many vendors are selling a pirated copy of software and codes. With code sign certificate, the customer can easily identify the original publisher of code and can trust the vendor. It will not only protect users but also reduce error messages and warning due to browser and server recolonization. It prevents users from downloading harmful software with malicious code.

Browser Compatibility, Warranty & Unlimited Re-issue

Thawte Code Signing certificate is for businesses involved in software development. This product which comes with a digital signature safeguard your code, certifying to your users that software is safe to download. Backed by a $50,000 warranty and an unlimited re-issue policy, this product is compatible with Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe AIR, Java, Microsoft Office, VBA and Mac platforms.

Thawte Code Signing Certificate for

Microsoft Authenticode
Microsoft Authenticode
It provides flexibility to sign a Code on multiple platforms for Microsoft Authenticode. Being a single certificate, it carries most compatibility with .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, and .xpi and .xap files used in Microsoft Authenticode and this certificate work under 32 and 64-bit Microsoft system format. You can also sign code for Microsoft office 2000, Microsoft VBA, Netscape Object Signing, and Marimba Channel Signing. Read more…
Using digitally signed .jar files and Java applications carry broad range of ubiquity among client PC, browsers, and mobile devices. Furthermore, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) also acknowledges this certificate. Read more…
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR
Code Signing Product of Thawte is ideally acknowledged by Adobe Ajax and Flex files and secures all .air and .airi files. Read more…
Sign your software code for Mac OS as well could update your software. Even Code Signing product of Thawte helps you to enhance confidence in users while running Mac OS X, tools, utilities and application by signing executable files. Read more…
Microsoft Office and VBA
Microsoft Office and VBA
Microsoft office and other VBA macros have security features that confirm digital signature, and with this Thawte certificate, developers can sign VBA objects, scripts, and macros for Microsoft Office different docs and files formats. Read more…

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