Symantec Code Signing Certificate

Symantec CA
Secure your Code and Business Integrity

Symantec Code signing certificate offers stringent protection to software code and offers relief to software publishers. Symantec code signing SSL certificate digital signature verifies the integrity of content published by source (individual, organization or software vendor) and provide assurance of originality of the product.

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Gaining Trust & Protect Code With Digital Sign

Symantec being a leader in SSL security provides an unmatched solution called Code Signing Certificate ensure that your code is not altered or compromised and safe to download. Users can easily download software without troubling about fake or exposed code that leads to increase in software distribution and decrease in security warnings and error messages. This certificate is a shrink-wrap for software, verifies the integrity of published content, and provides surety of legitimacy of software product.

Code Signing Certificates for:

Desktop Code Signing
Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Microsoft Authenticode
Initially, designed to secure digitally for 32-bit and 64-bit user mode (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files) also for kernel mode software; Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft Authenticode is also a provider for Microsoft Windows Logo Programs. Read more…
JAVA Code Signing Java
As the name suggests, Symantec Code Signing Certificate for Java is highly recognized by Java Runtime Environment (JRE), digitally authenticates the .jar files and Netscape Objects. Read more…
Microsoft Office and VBA Code Signing Microsoft Office and VBA
Authenticates VBA objects and Macros, Symantec Code Signing SSL Certificate for Microsoft Office and VBA secures superbly Microsoft Office and third party applications using VBA. Read more…
Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificate Adobe AIR
Symantec Code Signing Certificate for Adobe AIR digitally secures all the .air and .airi files. Read more…
Mobile Code Signing
Windows Phone Code Signing Windows Phone
Designed with the emerging need of securing the Windows Phone, Xbox 360 applications, Symantec Code Signing Certificate for Windows Phone secures the Microsoft App Hub the best. Read more…
Windows Phone Private Enterprise Code Signing Windows Phone Private Enterprise
Along with securing code of Windows Phone Private Enterprise applications, Symantec Code Signing SSL for Windows Phone Private Enterprise is highly recommended for organizations using Microsoft’s Windows Phone Dev Center. Read more…
Code Signing for Android Code Signing for Android
Symantec Code Signing certs for Android helps secure .apk files for the Android also helps in keeping the proven track record of Certificate keys and ultimately accesses full reporting of signing activity within the Symantec Code Signing Portal. Read more…
Authenticate Document IDs for BREW Authenticate Document IDs for BREW
With the Authenticate Document IDs for BREW become a professional BREW developer on commercial basis by digitally approving the authenticity of the BREW applications. Read more…