What is the COMODO RSA Certification Authority: A Complete Guide

SSL certificates have become crucial for websites over the years. You need secure websites with increasing cyber threats and search engine ranking factors focusing on HTTPS. SSL certificates help you ensure better data security for websites. A leading SSL certificate provider that many organizations prefer is Comodo RSA Certification Authority.

But why is Comodo RSA certification authority crucial?

Comodo is a leading CA and issues many types of SSL certificates. However, what makes a CA trustworthy is its root certificate in the chain of trust. This article focuses on certificate chain, root, and why choosing Comodo RSA certification authority for your website makes sense.

What is the Comodo RSA Certification Authority?

Comodo RSA Certification Authority(CA) is a leading certificate authority that issues root certificates where other SSL certificates can be chained. It is a root certificate from leading CA Comodo. You can use Comodo SSL certificates to authenticate websites, protect data transmissions, and secure communications.

Comodo RSA is a popular and one of the most trusted CAs, securing over 100 million websites on the internet. It is a root certificate and helps you create a chain of trust for your websites.

What is a root?

A CA issues certificates per the chain of trust with multiple certificates, including root, intermediate, and end-user certificates. The root is the origin of trust for a certificate chain. CA will issue the root certificate after verifying the details of the requestor submitted through a certificate signing request.

Root certificate authority becomes the trust anchor on which intermediate and end-user certificate CAs rely. It is a certificate you can use to authenticate the root CA, like Comodo RSA Certification Authority.

Every device has a root store with pre-downloaded root certificates with public keys. When users try to access an app or website on the device, it uses the store’s built-in operating systems or third-party root stores as a part of the root program.

These programs run under specific guidelines of operating systems like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Root programs ensure that CAs like Comodo RSA certificate authority follow strict regulations of the CA/B forum.

While the root certificate is the origin of the certificate trust chain, other elements are important for your website security.

What is a Certificate Chain?

The certificate chain is a series of certificates to authenticate the website owner’s or app publisher’s identity. The chain of trust begins from the root certificate, continues with multiple intermediate certificates, and ends with the standard SSL certification. CAs provide root CA certificates, and signatures of all the certificates in the chain are verified through it.

What is a certificate chain

So, how does a certificate chain help you improve your website security?

The certificate chain is crucial for businesses to improve website security and user trust. It is an ordered list of certificates that allows systems to ensure a secure chain of trust tracing back to the root.

Every certificate chain has the following properties,

  • Every issuer of the certificate matches the subject of the next in line certificate on the list.
  • Each certificate is signed by a secret key, which corresponds to the following certificate in the chain of trust.
  • The digital signature of one certificate is verified by the public key of the next certificate in the chain
  • The last certificate is a trust anchor like CA certificate issued by leading CAs like Comodo RSA certificate authority.

Intermediate certificates: Linking the end user with the root certificate

Certificates in the chain of trust between root certificates and standard SSL certificates are called intermediate certificates. It is the CA after root certificate authority that helps issue the end user certificates. If you don’t install intermediate certificates for your apps or websites, it may block operating systems and browsers from trusting your apps.

This is why installing intermediate certificates in the chain of trust is crucial. Due to expansion of PKI and replication of CAs, there were certificate management complexities which were reduced by introducing intermediate certificates in the chain of trust.

Why is Comodo RSA Certification Authority Important?

Comodo RSA certification authority is crucial for your business due to its trustworthiness. It is one of the leading CAs that issue digital certificates for securing websites and applications. Using the SSL certificates issued by Comodo, you can secure communications between your website and browser.

Comodo RSA certification authority uses RSA-based encryptions, which use prime factorization and complex mathematical equations. So, breaking them is extremely difficult for cyber attackers, making it a reliable CA for your root certificates. Further, it also comes with several built in features.

For example, Comodo RSA certification authority provides certificate management features like renewals, revocation, and security key storage.

Key takeaways

SSL certificates have become a must for many businesses due to cybersecurity threats and the need for improved compliance. Comodo RSA certification authority can help you with trustworthy root certificates that enhance the security of the certificate chain.

Your websites and apps will have a chain of trust, so choosing the root certificate right becomes important. However, which is the best one to choose depends on specific business needs.


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