Wildcard SSL Certificate and Multi Level Sub Domains

Does Wildcard SSL Certificate Secure Multi Level Sub Domains?

SSL certificate being a rising security parameter among organizations, individuals for their website security, secures online transactions with strong encryption. In the world of cybercrime, everyday many sites become victim of phishing attacks, data sniffing, man-in the middle attack. SSL certificates can avoid data interruption and allows data to be transmitted between the server and the users’ website in an encrypted form. In this article, we would like to know about Wildcard SSL certificate that is used for unlimited sub domains security.

Why Wildcard SSL Needed?

When you are searching for sub domains security then you cannot miss Wildcard certificate as it is ideal for sub domains security. Being a cost effective security solution, Wildcard SSL certificates can secure first level sub domains.

For example *.domain.com can secure,

  • www.domain.com
  • blog.domain.com
  • domain1.domain.com

When it is a question of SSL management then it is tough to handle multiple SSL certificate for each sub domain so at that time, Wildcard can smoothen SSL management like certificate expiry, renewal, reissue and installation.

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Multi level of sub domain security is possible with single Wildcard SSL certificate but for that will have to purchase separate Wildcard SSL certificate for each multi level sub domain name because Single Wildcard SSL certificate will only secure that multi level sub domain and its sub domains.

For example, *.abc.domain.com can secure,

  • www.abc.domain.com
  • login.abc.domain.com
  • store.abc.domain.com

Note: But it can not secure domain.com, www.domain.com, blog.domain.com

But if there are multiple domains and need to secure multiple domains with its sub domains then there is other product named ‘Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard SSL‘ can secure multi-level sub domains of multiple domains with single SSL certiifcate.

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Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL $165.00 /yr. $349.00 /yr. buy now

For example, *.test.a.com.au & *.abc.domain.com (multi domains) can secure its sub domains like:

  • www.abc.domain.com
  • test.a.com.au
  • blog.test.a.com.au
  • mail.test.a.com.au
  • login.abc.domain.com
  • store.abc.domain.com

Multi Domain Wildcard SSL follows domain validation process in which the certificate authority does not extend to lengthy process but only verifies domain ownership. The certificate takes few minutes issuance.

SSL seekers who want to secure multi-level sub domains of single domain the Wildcard SSL certificate is the best because it offers a single solution for Wildcard domains and its sub domains.

SSL seeker who want to secure sub domains of multiple domains then Multi Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is a perfect option as it saves multiple wildcard management.
Few amazing features of this valuable product are modern industry 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root encryption, highest browser recognition, rapid validation and quick issuance that can entice you to go with this certificate.

Both SSL certificates secure www and non-www domain means *.test.a.com.au can work with www.test.a.com.au and test.a.com.au. You can install same SSL certificate on multiple servers in case if your sub domains or domains are running on different servers.

Therefore, if anyone hunting for security of multi level sub domains then Wildcard SSL or Multi Domain Wildcard SSL is like a boon for you.