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ProductsWarrantyValidationIssuanceOffer PriceCA Price 
PositiveSSL Certificate$10,000Domain10 minutes$12.00 /yr.$49.00 / now
PositiveSSL Multi Domain Certificate$10,000Domain10 minutes$37.50 /yr.$165.00 / now
PositiveSSL Wildcard$10,000Domain10 minutes$90.00 /yr.$199.00 / now
UCC / Exchange SSL$250,000Domain10 minutes$90.00 /yr.$235.00 / now
EV SSL$1,750,000Domain & Extended Organization3-5 days$127.50 /yr.$359.00 / now
Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL$10,000Domain10 minutes$150.00 /yr.$319.00 / now
EV Multi Domain SSL$1,750,000Domain & Extended Organization3-5 days$168.75 /yr.$809.00 / now

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